Age: 31

Role: Owner / Founder


Bio/Interesting Fact:

  • 15 years asbestos industry experience, once cleaned ancient exhibits containing asbestos for the London Science Museum.
  • Seamlessly and successfully managed asbestos removal works on behalf of a premiership football team
  • Founder of, he spends most of his spare time with his family.
  • An avid Sheffield Weds football fan. He has a burning desire to establish his brand amongst the industry elite, and to operate at the highest level.
  • His grandfather introduced the asbestos trade to the family following a spell of work in Germany 25 years ago.
  • His grandfather was joined by Gareth's father and uncle; Gareth now has a wealth of extensive and worldwide family asbestos experience to call on.
  • He started work at 16 years old in the stores, learning about asbestos removal equipment and materials. He then honed his trade on-site.
  • Worked in a supervisory role for a £10m p.a. turnover company in the city.
  • When Gareth has not got his head in an asbestos book, it's in a hair-dryer. His hairdresser also cuts the locks of a certain Joey Essex.
  • Light on his feet, he's a fluent mover and can be occasionally found auditioning for 'Strictly' on the dance floor of the Sugar Hut in Brentwood.
  • Favourite food: Tuna & Cheese Panini


Age: 21

Role: Site Operative


Bio/Interesting Facts:

  • Continuing in the family tradition, he is learning his trade under the watchful eye of his older cousin Gareth.
  • He is enthusiastic with an attention detail, and is keen to develop his skills within the asbestos industry.
  • Capable of unleashing a stonking right foot thunderbolt; when younger, he was offered trials for Sheffield United FC Academy.
  • Unfortunately this was not greeted enthusiastically by a certain Sheffield Wednesday supporting uncle.
  • Gareth feels the pink jersey of Sheffield United would of suited him. (Given his reaction to spiders when removing his first asbestos garage).
  • Favourite Food: Tuna and cucumber sandwich.

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